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Domo live actually Domo live actually
Domo live actually

Your home, everywhere

Every journey for leisure or business purposes is a moment when you can feel home even if you’re moving away from home.

Our vision

Our Domo

The main idea when creating our brand was to satisfy all the needs of our customers. From people who travel every week for professional reasons, to those who need to stay longer in a single place. We have called them Domo to highlight our philosophy: we offer more than a hotel room and more than a normal apartment. Our offer combines the pros of taking a hotel room with renting an apartment. Only one offer includes the flexibility of an apartment in terms of conditions and costs and the exclusive services typical of the hotellerie.
If you choose a Domo, you choose a real stay:


Your home for just one week, one month or an entire year. Our very flexible offers can match all the needs of our customers.


Our offer is a special one because we give you all the comfort of an apartment with many exclusive services, assistance and amenities typical of a hotel.


All our apartments - no matter the size - are conceived to offer our guests the best possible experience. Should you come for a leisure trip or a professional one, we have the right solution for you.

Domo live actually
Domo live actually
Domo live actually

Our offer

Stay as long
as you wish.

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Live in Domo
for 2 days

Book a Domo for just one night or make it your home for an entire year. We can create the best possible offer for you. Our dynamic and constantly updated rates make our offers very interesting both for short and long stays. We have created Domo to match all the needs of our current age. Should you travel for leisure - looking for a central position, close to every attraction - or business purposes - in need of smart technology, dynamism and comfort - our building is the place for you.

His central position combined with a helpful and polite reception staff, make Domo the perfect destination for any kind of stay. Our Domo apartments feature a lot of space and interior furniture of pure classy design, in which you can also enjoy a well equipped open kitchen and comfortable corner office desks to work on or just relax. Cleaning and sanitization are our primary focus.