Un palazzo
al centro
di Trieste

Domo live actually Domo live actually
Domo live actually

The first Italian Domo

We have chosen Trieste to launch the first italian Domo. The building is from the beginning of XIX century and is located in the very central Via Mazzini, a few steps away from the famous Piazza dell’Unità. The building has 43 apartments of different sizes and categories.

Historical centres

Domo live actually

History of the building

Domo is located into a building of the beginning of the XIX century, representing the neoclassical style of the Borgo Teresiano architecture at the best. Feel our warm hospitality from the elegant stone gate, framed by the balcony of the piano nobile; inside you will find a stone staircase furnished with wrought-iron parapets facing 4 neoclassical columns and the courtyard.

Our area

Domo Trieste is located in the Borgo Teresiano area, a few steps from the main square Piazza dell’Unità and Piazza della Borsa. Also known as Città Nuova, this area was built in the XVIII century by the will of Queen Mary Theresa, who wanted to give Trieste a new glow. Characteristics of this area are the Canal Grande and many other attractions. Its central position, overlooking the sea, makes it the perfect place for your stay.


Main attractions

Città con una scontrosa grazia, pensosa e schiva – Umberto Saba.

Many artists and literarians like Stendhal, James Joyce and Umberto Saba were fascinated by the elegance of Trieste. This place is surrounded by great buildings and museums, impressive castles and churches. Trieste is one of the most important junctions between the Mediterranean Sea and Southern Europe - a bridge between mediterranean and mitteleuropean culture.


Piazza Unità d'Italia and the Molo Audale

550m – 8 minutes on foot


Il Faro della Vittoria

3,3km – 8 minutes on foot


The Opicina tramway

500m – 6 minutes on foot


Ponte Rosso

280m – 3 minutes on foot


Molo audace

750m – 10 minutes on foot


The Cathedral and the Castle of San Giusto

850m – 14 minutes on foot


The Synagogue

700m – 9 minutes on foot


Miramare Castle and Park

8,2km – 17 minutes by car


The Risiera di San Sabba

6,9km – 11 minutes by car


The Giant Cave

9,8km – 19 minutes by car